A tibble with the British Election Study 2015 Constituency Results Version 2.21.



A tibble, containing 650 rows and 92 columns. For full details see the vignette: http://docs.evanodell.com/parlitools/articles/bes-2015.html




A tibble with constituencies results from the British Election Study 2015. Census data from the BES has been moved to the census_11 dataset, and can be linked through the with the pano, ons_const_id and constituency_name variables. Only contains detailed results from Great Britain; the only data included on Northern Irish constituencies is the party that won the seat.

Variable names have been converted to snake_case and variables have been converted to appropriate R classes.


Fieldhouse, Edward, Jane Green, Geoffrey Evans, Hermann Schmitt, Cees van der Eijk, Jonathan Mellon, and Christopher Prosser. "British Election Study, 2015: General Election Results Dataset," 2015. doi:10.13140/RG.2.1.1162.1844.