Changed party_id in the party_colour dataset to a character vector.

Otherwise very minor update, some tweaks to docs layout.

parlitools 0.2.2


Updating of council_data dataset to be accurate as of 2017-11-24.

parlitools 0.2.1


Updating of council_data dataset to be accurate as of 2017-09-13.

Added combined_leave_vote column to leave_votes_west dataset with the actual leave vote if known and the Chris Hanretty estimate if not known.

Vote percentages in leave_votes_west are now all numeric class.

Dependency changes

Removed reliance on now-hidden functions from mnis and hansard packages.

General improvements

Improvements to documentation to improve clarity and readability.

Better example plots in introductory vignette.

The tidying functions are now all internal to the package and not exported.

parlitools 0.2.0


New bes_2017 dataset, with results of 2017 General Election, taken from the 2017 British Election Study. This dataset replaces the ge_2017 dataset. It also replicates some of the data in the bes_2015 dataset.

Census data from the British Election Study has been moved to its own seperate file, named census11.


Naming conventions for variables now places an underscore between each distinct word (eg onsconst_id is now ons_const_id)

parlitools 0.1.0

Changes to vignettes to comply with CRAN policies and to reduce the time needed to check the package.

Reduction in the number of similar vignette examples to reduce build time.


Updating of council_data dataset to be accurate as of 2017-07-14.

New ge_2017 dataset, with results of 2017 General Election, linked with constituency data from bes_2015.

Bug fixes

Consistent naming of vote variables in bes_2015.

parlitools 0.0.7

Updated documentation, more comprehensive testing. Added Northern Irish EU Referendum results to the leave_votes_west dataset.

parlitools 0.0.6

Bug fixes

Fixed bugs in mps_on_date() that were causing problems on Windows.

parlitools 0.0.5

Data updates

Added leave_votes_west containing estimates and - where available - official counts of the proportion of leave votes in the 2016 EU referendum.

parlitools 0.0.4

Data updates

Updated bes_2015 to use V2.21 from the British Election Study.

Added council_data dataset, with details on the parties controlling local councils across the UK.

Bug Fixes

A few minor tweaks to internal code, and to the vignette examples.

parlitools 0.0.3

Bug Fixes

Fixed bug in mps_on_date where function did not return constituency data. mps_on_date also now accepts dates in any format or class that can be converted with as.Date() to a date format.

Fixed names party names in party_colour to align with names used in bes_2015.

Fixed spelling mistakes in Endiburgh constituency names in bes_2015.

New Features

Added optional tidy_style parameter in current_mps() and mps_on_date(), allowing users to decide which style snake_case, camelCase and they want variable names to be in, if ‘tidy’==TRUE.

parlitools 0.0.2

Added an additional vignette on using the data in parlitools to create scaled maps with the cartogram package.


Now includes local_hex_map, a hexagonal map of all local authority areas in Scotland, Wales and England.

Data Retrieval

The mps_on_date function downloads information on every MP and their constituency who was a member of the house on a single given date, or between two given dates.

parlitools 0.0.1

Introducing parlitools

Introducing parlitools, a package for retrieving and analysing UK political data. The package includes datasets from the British Election Study, a hexagonal map of all UK constituencies, and party colour hex codes.


The package includes a dataset with 2015 General Election results and census information for each constituency in Scotland, Wales and England, taken from the British Election Study.

The package also includes a dataset (party_colours) with the hex code for the official colours of UK political parties.


Includes a hexagonal map (west_hex_map) of all 650 constituencies in the UK.

Data Retrieval

The current_mps function downloads information on every sitting MP and their constituency.