• Better error message when API returns empty data in some circumstances.

  • Suppressed printing of column types when reading CSV files (#25, thanks jackobailey)

  • Removed 2nd vignette due to errors

  • replaced as.tibble with as_tibble

  • Includes second vignette “Work and Health Indicators with nomisr”

  • Fix readme links
  • Error handling improvements when using non-existent parameters, and clarifies error messages when no data is available for a given query.

  • Removes redundant call to API (#19), thanks @Chrisjb

  • New tidy parameter in nomis_get_metadata() to convert names to snake_case.

  • Now using the snakecase package to implement name cleaning, providing a broader range of naming styles.

  • nomis_get_metadata() now makes existence of time concept explicit in the tibble returned by nomis_get_metadata({id}).

  • Adding query_id parameter to nomis_get_data()

  • Changed documentation to use roxygen markdown

Bug fixes

  • Version bump for CRAN

  • Citation now refers to JOSS paper

  • Some minor changes to internal code for easier maintenance

  • Documentation updates to clarify difference between time and date parameters in nomis_get_data()

New features and function changes

  • The tidy parameter in nomis_get_data() now defaults to FALSE in order to preserve existing workflows.

New features and function changes

  • nomis_get_data() now includes tidy and tidy_style parameters. nomis_get_data() now defaults to converting all variable names to “snake_case”. tidy_style also accepts “camelCase” and “period.case” as name style options.

Bug fixes

  • Dot queries to nomis_get_data() work with case-insensitive measurements more persistently.

Other updates

  • Clarification of need to specified as NULL unused named parameters in nomis_get_data() when using similarly named parameters in ....

New features and function changes

  • New nomis_codelist() function, which returns the internal coding for different concepts used by the NOMIS API in a tibble, given a dataset ID and a concept name.

  • The additional_queries parameter in nomis_get_data() and nomis_get_metadata() has been deprecated and will eventually be removed. Please use the ... parameter for queries including concepts not available through the default parameters.

  • The sex parameter in nomis_get_data() will also work with datasets that use “gender” instead of “sex”.

Internal changes and bug fixes

  • Uses rsdmx to parse metadata, fixing #7.
  • Improved API key handling (#5)

  • Increased test coverage

  • Adding rOpenSci reviewers to DESCRIPTION file.

  • Moved to rOpenSci github repository

  • Added API key functionality, which is not required by the API but is useful for large requests.

  • In interactive sessions, users are asked if they want to continue when calling more than 15 pages of data at a time.

  • Introduction of additional parameters to the nomis_get_data() and nomis_codes() functions, improvements to documentation.
  • 1st release. Rudimentary functions for retrieving information on available datasets and downloading datasets from nomis, with some limited parameters.