fixerapi is an R client for the currency conversion and exchange rate API. The API requires registration and some features are only available on paid accounts. Full API documentation is available here, and additional details are available in the vignette


To install from CRAN, use:


You can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")

Using fixerapi

To access a tibble with the name and currency symbol (a three letter code) for all currencies available through the API, use fixer_symbols().

There are five currency exchange query types, which calls endpoints. They are:

  • Current exchange rates, accessed using fixer_latest() (available with free account)
  • Historical exchange rates on a given date, using fixer_historical() (available on all paid accounts)
  • Conversion from one currency to another, either currently or on a specific date, using fixer_convert() (available on all paid accounts)
  • A time series of up to 365 days showing daily exchange rates over that time, using fixer_time_series() (available on “professional” and higher grade accounts)
  • Exchange rate fluctuations over a period of up to 365 days, using fixer_fluctuation() (available on “professional plus” and “enterprise” grade accounts)

With the exception of fixer_convert(), which is limited to two currencies, all functions give an option for a base currency that is indexed to 1 and other currencies are compared to – the default is the Euro – and to limit the currencies it is compared with, using the symbols parameter, which takes a character vector of currency symbols. If no symbols are specified, all available currencies are returned.

today_symbols <- fixer_latest(base = "EUR", 
                              symbols = c("JPY", "GBP", "USD", "CAD", "CHF"))


#> A tibble: 5 x 2
#>   name    value
#>   <chr>   <dbl>
#> 1 JPY   131.   
#> 2 GBP     0.873
#> 3 USD     1.23 
#> 4 CAD     1.57 
#> 5 CHF     1.18 

The example above shows some exchange rates on 2018-04-03.

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