Paid accounts have access to additional features, including SSL encryption of API requests using HTTPS. Account type must be set in order to use HTTPS requests. Setting account type to "paid" when using a free account will result in an error, even on features available to free accounts. Setting account type to "free" when using a paid account will have no impact on requests aside from using HTTP instead of HTTPS to access the API. If you have a paid account but do not set your account status you will not be able to use the HTTPS connection but there will be no other impact on your usage of the API.

The API still checks the account type when receiving requests, so setting you account type here only forces HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Setting the environmental variable FIXER_ACT_TYPE to one of "free" or "paid" will negate the need to use this function every time the package is used.

fixer_account_type(type = c("free", "paid"))



Your account type. Accepts one of "free" or "paid". If no value or an incorrect value is given, account type will be set as "free". This parameter is not case sensitive.


if (FALSE) {