emisc 0.0.7

Dropping vector_stri_replace_all_fixed() because it doesn’t add anything (turns out stringi already does what this function was meant to do)

Fixed a bug with some functions still calling the deprecated tidy_variables()

emisc 0.0.6

New function

Introducing vector_stri_replace_all_fixed(), a wrapper for stri_replace_all_fixed in the stringi package.

emisc 0.0.5

Function changes

tidy_variables() is deprecated in favour of strip_non_alpha(). strip_non_alpha() uses stringi for its internals, which is faster than the base R functions used in tidy_variables().

Added option to append data to write_latex(), rather than only being able to overwrite existing files.

emisc 0.0.4

Function Wrapper

write_latex() now has a write_latex_lines() wrapper to make it more clear what the function does.

Rearranged the order of parameters in write_latex() from (df, ..., file_name) to (df, file_name, ...)

emisc 0.0.3

New Functions

Added the write_latex() and latex_markup() functions.

write_latex() saves all or selected dataframe columns to a LaTeX file in rows, rather than as a table.

latex_markup() adds LaTeX markup (e.g. section tags) to selected columns to assist with printing.

emisc 0.0.2

Bug Fixes

Fixed compilation errors on macos.

emisc 0.0.1

Announcing the creation of the emisc package.