emisc is a collection of miscellaneous functions that I have made that may or may not be useful, and that may or may not duplicate existing work. Full documentation is available at https://docs.evanodell.com/emisc/.


case_styles() - Convert variable names into one of three styles.

change_case() - Changing variable cases.

dateable() - A function that locates all variables with “date” in the name (ignoring case), and converts them to POSIXct. Works on both dates and datetimes.

latex_markup() - Add LaTeX markup to variables.

strip_bom() - A function to strip Byte Order Marks (BOM) out of JSON data that is returned from some online API calls.

tidy_bom() - Internal Byte Order Mark stripper for strip_bom

tidy_variables() - Strip out most non-alphanumeric characters from variables

write_latex() - Write variables to a LaTeX file in rows.


You can install emisc from github with: