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Provides functions to download data from the APIs. Because of the structure of the API, there is a named function for each type of available data for ease of use, as well as some functions designed to retrieve specific pieces of commonly used data. Functions for each new API will be added as and when they become available.


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Downloads data from the ‘UK Police’ public data API, the full docs of which are available at Includes data on police forces and police force areas, crime reports, and the use of stop-and-search powers.


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Access UK official statistics from the ‘Nomis’ database. ‘Nomis’ includes data from the Census, the Labour Force Survey, DWP benefit statistics and other economic and demographic data from the Office for National Statistics, based around statistical geographies. See for full API documentation.


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Provides various tools for analysing UK political data, including election result datasets, hexagonal cartograms and functions to retrieve council member data.


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An API package for the Members’ Name Information Service operated by the UK parliament. Documentation for the API itself can be found here:


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An R client for the “” currency conversion and exchange rate API. The API requires registration and some features are only available on paid accounts. The full API documentation is available at


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Access data from the ‘Care Quality Commission’, the health and adult social care regulator for England. The ‘Care Quality Commission’ operates an API, with data available under the Open Government License. Data includes information on service providers, locations such as hospitals, care homes and medical clinics, and ratings and inspection reports.


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Access to ‘The Guardian’ newspaper’s open API, containing all articles published in ‘The Guardian’ from 1999 to the present, including article text, metadata, tags and contributor information. An API key and registration is required.


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Access the ‘Refuge’ API, a web-application for locating trans and intersex-friendly restrooms, including unisex and accessible restrooms. Includes data on the location of restrooms, along with directions, comments, user ratings and amenities. Coverage is global, but data is most comprehensive in the United States. See for full API documentation.


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Access open data from, a database of charitable grant giving in the UK operated by ‘360Giving’. The package provides functions to search and retrieve data on charitable grant giving, and process that data into tidy formats. It relies on the ‘360Giving’ data standard, described at


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emisc is a collection of miscellaneous functions that I have made that may or may not be useful, and that may or may not duplicate existing work.

emisc is currently not available on CRAN. You can install emisc from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")