threesixtygiving 0.2.2

  • Made all links use https.

threesixtygiving 0.2.1

  • Better error handling.

threesixtygiving 0.2.0

  • More testing coverage

  • Fixing 403 errors and problems caused by HTTPS redirects.

threesixtygiving 0.1.1

  • Added date handling for Excel numeric date handling

  • tsg_process_data() now arranges the core variables on the left hand side of the data frame.

  • Fixed warnings caused by non-matching column names in tsg_core_data().

  • New internal data processing and file-reading functions

  • Replaced some dplyr functions with faster and more stable base-R functions.

  • Eliminated redundant calls to grant files URLS

threesixtygiving 0.1.0

  • First proper release, includes functions meeting basic requirements for use

  • A short vignette is available