Calls the API to return a tibble with details on the number of Lords and their party affiliations. Defaults to the current date, but can also return the number of Lords and their affiliations on a given date.

mnis_lords_type(date = Sys.Date(), tidy = TRUE, tidy_style = "snake_case")



Accepts character values in 'YYYY-MM-DD' format, and objects of class Date, POSIXt, POSIXct, POSIXlt or anything else than can be coerced to a date with as.Date(). The API will return data on the composition of the House of Lords on that date. Defaults to the current system date.


If TRUE, fixes the variable names in the tibble to remove non-alphanumeric characters and superfluous text, and convert to a consistent style. Defaults to TRUE.


The style to convert variable names to, if tidy=TRUE. Accepts one of "snake_case", "camelCase" and "". Defaults to "snake_case".


A tibble with information on the numbers of different types of Lords on a given date.


if (FALSE) {
x <- mnis_lords_type()