Note that there are problems with the remote endpoint for this API, and that correct search queries may not return any results.

members_search(search = NULL, tidy = TRUE, tidy_style = "snake",
  verbose = TRUE)

hansard_members_search(search = NULL, tidy = TRUE,
  tidy_style = "snake", verbose = TRUE)



Accepts any lucene query string, using * as a multiple character wildcard, and ? as the single character wildcard. Searchs are not case sensitive. If NULL, returns a tibble with all members of both houses of parliament. Defaults to NULL.


Logical parameter. If TRUE, fixes the variable names in the tibble to remove special characters and superfluous text, and converts the variable names to a consistent style. Defaults to TRUE.


The style to convert variable names to, if tidy = TRUE. Accepts any style accepted by to_any_case. Defaults to 'snake'.


If TRUE, displayes messages on the console on the progress of the API request. Defaults to TRUE.


A tibble with the results of the search.


Function searches for the string and returns a tibble with all matches from both houses of parliament. Returns all partial matches in the members' names, constituencies, twitter handle and webpage. The default search is NULL, which returns a tibble of all members of both houses, the same result as members().

See also


x <- members_search("*chris*")

x <- members_search(search = "*chris*")
# }