Imports data on House of Lords attendance on a given date.

lords_attendance_date(date = NULL, tidy = TRUE, tidy_style = "snake",
  verbose = TRUE)

hansard_lords_attendance_date(date = NULL, tidy = TRUE,
  tidy_style = "snake", verbose = TRUE)



Accepts a date to return attendance data for. Accepts character values in 'YYYY-MM-DD' format, and objects of class Date, POSIXt, POSIXct, POSIXlt or anything else that can be coerced to a date with as.Date(). Defaults to NULL.


Logical parameter. If TRUE, fixes the variable names in the tibble to remove special characters and superfluous text, and converts the variable names to a consistent style. Defaults to TRUE.


The style to convert variable names to, if tidy = TRUE. Accepts any style accepted by to_any_case. Defaults to 'snake'.


If TRUE, displayes messages on the console on the progress of the API request. Defaults to TRUE.


A tibble with details on the lords who attended on a given date.


Please note that House of Lords attendance data is not as tidy as some of the others that are accessible through this API, and so additional work on the return from the API may be required.

Also note that this API does not appear to have been updated with data after 2017-01-31.

See also


x <- lords_attendance_date(date = "2016-03-01")
# }