Provides functions to request data from the APIs. Because of the structure of the API, there is a named function for each type of available data for ease of use. Functions for each new API will be added as and when they become available on <>. The API is rate limited to returning 5500 rows per request in some instances, though this has been inconsistent in testing.


The API itself is still in beta, and only about half of the planned datasets are currently available. The package name is optimistic, as the actual contents of the Hansard are not yet available through this API.

In addition to the standard function names, each function in the hansard package has a wrapper where the name is prefixed with 'hansard_'. For example, both bills() and hansard_bills() will return the same result. This is because function names are taken from the specific API on, but they are often not very informative and could clash with functions in other packages (e.g. bills() is not a term unique to the British parliament).

For more details please see the vignette, or the API documentation on

This package is in no way officially related to or endorsed by the UK Parliamentary Data Service.