Imports results from general and by-elections from the 2010 General Election onwards.

election_results(ID = NULL, all_data = FALSE,
  calculate_percent = FALSE, constit_details = FALSE,
  extra_args = NULL, tidy = TRUE, tidy_style = "snake",
  verbose = TRUE)

hansard_election_results(ID = NULL, all_data = FALSE,
  calculate_percent = FALSE, constit_details = FALSE,
  extra_args = NULL, tidy = TRUE, tidy_style = "snake",
  verbose = TRUE)



Accepts an ID for a general or by-election from the 2010 General Election onwards, and returns the results. If NULL, returns all available election results. Defaults to NULL.


If TRUE, returns vote share for all parties standing in any constituency in the election/elections returned. Defaults to FALSE. Note that aside from shorthand for the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Independent (Con, Lab, Lib and Ind, respectively) being converted to their full names, party names are not tidied, so will contain spaces in the case of parties with multiple words in their name, such as the Liberal Democrats. If a party did not stand in a constituency its vote count is listed as NA. There is a drawback to using this parameter, as multiple candidates from the same party in a constituency, or multiple independent candidates, have their vote totals combined.


If TRUE, calculates the turnout percentage for each constituency in the tibble and the majority of the winning candidate to one decimal place, and includes this information in the tibble in additional columns labelled 'turnout_percentage' and 'majority_percentage'. Defaults to FALSE.


If TRUE, returns additional details on each constituency, including its GSS (Government Statistical Service) code. Defaults to FALSE.


Additional parameters and queries to pass to API. These queries must be strings and start with "&". See the API documentation or the package vignette for more details. Defaults to NULL.


Logical parameter. If TRUE, fixes the variable names in the tibble to remove special characters and superfluous text, and converts the variable names to a consistent style. Defaults to TRUE.


The style to convert variable names to, if tidy = TRUE. Accepts any style accepted by to_any_case. Defaults to 'snake'.


If TRUE, displayes messages on the console on the progress of the API request. Defaults to TRUE.


A tibble with the results of all general and by-elections, or of a specified general election or by-election.

See also


x <- election_results(ID = 382037)

y <- election_results()

z <- election_results(calculate_percent = TRUE, constit_details = TRUE)

w <- election_results(ID = 730039, all_data = TRUE)
# }